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An orgy of only bros. A traditional brogy consists of a minimum of atleast four bros. A euphoric culmination of bros bro'n out. Unlike an actual orgy there is no penetration of any kind due to the fact that bros are only present. Also clothes are not optional at a brogy but required. Backwards hats and neon colors are highly recommended attire. Common activities of a brogy include watching Entourage or other HBO series, drinking brew, conversing about past sexual encounters with females and listening to Jam Bands among various other bro favorites.
"Can we watch a movie tonight at your place" - Sarah
"Sorry babe, there is a brogy at Joesph's crib. We are going to bro out hard" - Chad
by Button Up & Quackers August 03, 2009
A steam-powered sex machine gun
Awww yeah! look at that Brogy go!!
by Esmael The Man Duran Duron December 23, 2008
(noun) pierogis shared between bros, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner
Michael and Jack met up at the bar and shared some brogies while watching football.
by Mr. CC October 15, 2011
n. a party between bros, much like an orgy but only with bros (chicks are not welcomed)
Bro 1: "Hey bro did you to the Calvert Hall brogy last night?"

Bro 2: "Nah bro, I was over at the Loyola brosesh instead."

Bro 1: "Alright, well wanna go longboarding now bro?"

Bro 2: "Great idea bro!"
by brobrobrolaxerbro June 03, 2009
The exciting yet excluding phenomenon that occurs when only the bestest of bro's reunite together.
Kirk: "Joe! Man it's been like 2 days! "
*insert massive man hug*
Joe: "I've missed you man! We should call up James and have a massive brogy!"
by Bclique22 May 26, 2015
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