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Verb - To get so inebriated on drugs and alcohol that one sleepwalks and urinates on various things/people around the bedroom and/or house. Inspired by one of the most annoying trolls on Kuro5hin.org
Goddamn I was drunk last night. I got up and brogdelled in the closet.
by Dan Bramlett December 26, 2007
45 25
The number one Troll of Kur5hin. Even one of his incoherent rambling posts seems to inspire hate-filled rants from all of the 15 other trolls on the site.
Did you read that shit Brogdel posted on K5? Goddamn I hate that motherfucker. I'm gonna write a 3000 word diary post to tell him about it.
by Josh SmithII December 19, 2007
24 10