the type of cereal that bros typically eat.
bro i got up this morning and ate a bowl of brodeos they soothed the very fabric of my excistance.
by vinillabear August 31, 2010
A very close bro who you have a special bond with. Could be referred to as a bro extremist or the al qaeda of the bro community.
Ranuka: Yo brodeo, what's crackin?

Trent: Well brodeo, I was out doing hood-rat shit with some of the othe brodeos of course.

Ranuka: Damn son, you brodeo as shit.
by peacey pee October 19, 2009
A prank performed on one's friend.

When two men are walking and an attractive female approaches, the prankster will quickly grip his friends hand. His friend will instantly pull away in an attempt to not appear homosexual. The brodeo is a success if the prankster is able to successfully pass the female without loosing his grip.

I performed a brodeo on Ken yesterday in front of Jessica.
by alantoid April 04, 2009
The act of having sex with 2 or more brothers at once.
"Unbelievable! Lindsay's going to a brodeo over at Chris' place. I had no idea he and his brother were into that!"
by NuttyByNature April 24, 2010
A huge bro party/beerfest in which tons of girls get "ridden".

King bros often show up to brodeos

Brodeos can involve hundreds of gallons of beer and involve massive beer pong sessions

It is said that to not play Dave Mathews at a brodeo is a legitimate sin.
"Yo bro, I'm so pumped for the brodeo tonight, I know that I could get with a couple chicks"

"Yea same, I hope I do too bra"
by Horton McGarrity May 31, 2009
Too many bros macking on one hoe.
Hey Joey, join that brodeo over there and get her digits.

by Mentawai Dude 42 April 25, 2009
when said "bros" get together. usually beginning with flippy cup and ending with twice as many dudes as there were to begin with. occasionally a broho will appear only to be just as drunk and annoying as the dudes. aka, sausage fest.
Hey man, we're all getting together at Reed's place for a brodeo tonight, bring your 30 case!!!!!!
by mawianne September 03, 2008

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