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6 definitions by Krystalynn

Very rare female name. Less than 50 exist in the US.
Krystalynn went to go eat nachos, I hope she comes back alive.
by Krystalynn April 18, 2008
A guy who is capable of giving a woman an orgasm. (if she doesn't fake it first)

Or in gamer terms, a guy who can pluck the delicate strings of a woman at just the right time. No starpower needed.
Wife: "I wish my man could please me like a hymen hero would"
by Krystalynn April 16, 2008
This usually happends when a guy with big hands (which of course means big fingers) flicks you off. His fingers are so huge, a "bird" just isn't big enough. Also see Flipping the Hummingbird for the smaller version.
Do you see that fat guy flipping the phoenix at me? What a dick!
by Krystalynn April 16, 2008

A low self-esteemed person you get close to for social gain, money, food, or somebody to bitch at anytime you please.
Popular girls usually have a frienemy or two... thousand.
by Krystalynn April 14, 2008
(sounds like rodeo, instead with bro at the beginning)

A place, usually a party, that has a dissappointingly low number of females. Also see sausage-fest.
"Dude, the brodeo last night sucked so bad. We should use our next paychecks for strippers next time."
by Krystalynn April 14, 2008
A white-version slang term for a favorite guy friend. Also see homie for the black-version.
"Tell my Dudebro over there to stop eating all the damn nachos, I want some too!"
by Krystalynn April 14, 2008