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Any place that there is a large number of bro's. Commonly found at In n Out, parking lots, or 'kickbacks'. The best way to avoid being caught at a brodeo is to notice the large amount of lifed trucks in the area.
We were gonna go to In n Out after the game, but it was a brodeo...
by Deskman July 13, 2006
(sounds like rodeo, instead with bro at the beginning)

A place, usually a party, that has a dissappointingly low number of females. Also see sausage-fest.
"Dude, the brodeo last night sucked so bad. We should use our next paychecks for strippers next time."
by Krystalynn April 14, 2008
A tight nit group of beautiful men, that sit in a quadrant of cubes. These men portray success, dudeness, and all around gorgeousness. It represents a life style that is envied by all and rivaled by none.
The guys in Anchor man make up a nice brodeo,
by Fill T December 01, 2007
1. An event during which men ride eachother around like horses in a rodeo, thus BROdeo

2. A party or social event where more men are present than females. (synonym: "sausage fest")
Man, this is a brodeo, let's get outta here
by Oswald McNasty October 07, 2003
(noun) a gathering of bros who ride dirt bikes, usually in a remote location, and almost always involving the consumption of large amounts of alcohol and marijuana.
" Dude, everybody is smashing out to the desert this weekend. It's going to be a brodeo."
by desent May 30, 2008