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Utter legend. Cannot be defined into a group such as 'emo', 'chav' etc. Purely original. Offers society many talents and special moments. Formaly known as 'Brocksopp Moments', these far surpass any event possible by another Non-Brocksopp Individual. In short, to be a Brocksopp, is to be a telented individual.
Dude: "What the hell? Did you see that? That was so Feckin' immense! Who was that?

Old Wise Man: "Oh, it must be a Brocksopp!"
by Monke7 January 17, 2009
A man of zero charisma. His sexual advances roughly matching that off a ape's, and his "smooth talk" will leave you feeling physically sick. Typically he will "football nod" you from a great distance before his approach.

Also see Douche Bag
{In An Arcade}

*Approaching a female with a singular prize ticket*

Brocksopp: Would you like a ticket? *Two eyed Wink*
Chick/Dyke: No.
Brocksopp: Score!
by UnknownQuantity January 17, 2009
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