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A man of seemingly no common sense. He will spill the beans on your most intimate secrets the first oppurtunity he gets and proceed to moan uncontrollably should you confront him on this.
Person A: Dave Just told the whole class about that night with the horse!

Person B: I tried to warn you! He's such a Pessoll
by UnknownQuantity January 16, 2009
A man of zero charisma. His sexual advances roughly matching that off a ape's, and his "smooth talk" will leave you feeling physically sick. Typically he will "football nod" you from a great distance before his approach.

Also see Douche Bag
{In An Arcade}

*Approaching a female with a singular prize ticket*

Brocksopp: Would you like a ticket? *Two eyed Wink*
Chick/Dyke: No.
Brocksopp: Score!
by UnknownQuantity January 17, 2009

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