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A collection of bros. It is ruled by broseidon, and most of its citizens have quality flow and play lax. Sometimes used to refer to all dudes in an area or to say that the area is overflown with bros; this second one usually has a negative connotation because it addresses the absence of females.
Me and Gabe are such good bros that i wouldn't trade him for all the bros in the brocean.

Although there is no true broseidon, many people think it should be Brantford Winstonworth, the ultimate lax bro.

A popular compliment is calling someone broseidon.

Look at this club, its a total brocean.
by tripleski6 April 24, 2010
A public venue that is overcrowded with men. A sea of dudes! Dudes as far as the eyes can see.
When we went to the club we left because it was a BROCEAN.
by DC Chapman February 22, 2008
Water based location where good friends gather.
We are going to stone cold some stones at the Brocean.
by JayFoxWeinerPizzNhoes October 22, 2012
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