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One of the most complete and comprehensive documentaries of your every day lax bro

In the words of Branford :

"I like to Lax, and I like to party, I gotta lot of spoons, my favorite i call Fluffy. Scored two goals in practice one day in High school, best goals I've ever scored. I like to chill with my buddies and lax in the backyard. While Deciding my college process i was like D1, D3? and after a while I was like Hey, I gotta go D1, although It's at the club level. Lastly, I get lot's of chicks, but not because I lax, i happen to be very Affluent."

My Style :

-Lax Pinnie (when i'm not hookin' up with chicks)
-Nice Shorts
-Turf Dogs
-Mid Calf Socks
- And a sweet pair of shades.
Brantford Winstonworth " I dont know what it is, my family tends to move to hotbed Lacrosse areas. It;s amde me a magnetic force from the great Lacrosse gods.

Brantford Winstonworth " D1, D3 I dunno. But after awhile I was like, hey I gotta go D1, and I am....its at the club level...but Im D1."

Brantford Winstonworth " Bros....Anyone care to Lax???"

Brantford Winstonworth " I like to Lax...And I like to Party"
by MurderFlakes February 14, 2010

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