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5 definitions by tripleski6

A collection of bros. It is ruled by broseidon, and most of its citizens have quality flow and play lax. Sometimes used to refer to all dudes in an area or to say that the area is overflown with bros; this second one usually has a negative connotation because it addresses the absence of females.
Me and Gabe are such good bros that i wouldn't trade him for all the bros in the brocean.

Although there is no true broseidon, many people think it should be Brantford Winstonworth, the ultimate lax bro.

A popular compliment is calling someone broseidon.

Look at this club, its a total brocean.
by tripleski6 April 24, 2010
The greatest of all broskis. Used to say that one of your broskis is greater than all others.
Mac and Gabe are my broskis, but Willie is my only broskiski.
by tripleski6 April 24, 2010
If someone has the figurative dick in their mouth, it means the more that they talk the less enjoyable your life is; just as the more someone giving a blowjob talks, the less enjoyable it is.
That Max kid is so annoying, he has the figurative dick in his mouth all day.
by tripleski6 April 24, 2010
Used to suggest a problem in another's mental state. This is a response to an unprovoked statement or inappropriate action. Can also be used in third person.
"What's up Eric?"
"Fuck off Gil, next time I see you I'm gonna beat your ass and give you an Abe Lincoln"
"What's your problem man?"

(Gina finds her brother masturbating on her bed in the nude)
"You couldn't walk down the hall to do that Phil?!?! What's your problem?!?!?"

"Yo Jennifer always flips out every time I try space docking"
"What's her problem?"
by tripleski6 June 14, 2011
When people shit on themselves in anticipation of someone else shitting on them. People think this will shield some criticism, but really it just gives assholes better material.
"I know I'm not a very good singer, and my massive love handles detract from my already terrible singing, but please be respectful while I attempt (insert Miley Cyrus song here)"

Most crappy youtube performers take nice big anticipation dumps in their self-descriptions
by tripleski6 June 21, 2011