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n. (pronounced as "brove")

A portmanteau of the words "bro" and "rave".

A rave, or rave-like event, where the participants are mostly of the breed of men known lovingly as "Bro".

Broaves tend to feature the current electronic music on the harder, more bass-heavy spectrum of the macro-genre (read: jungle back in 2001; electro-house, in 2004; dubstep (bro-step), in 2011/12).

Broaves reflect the local Bro-scene and the typical Bro in a geographical area. Cities -- particularly college towns -- with bros of the asshole nature tend to have broaves filled with asshold bros.

Usage Note -1: Some people use "broave" to refer simply to events where the men outnumber the women considerably (see "sausage fest"); however, this usage is frowned upon by 9 out of 10 of our usage counsel and should not be used in this manner. (See also "Usage Note -2" below.)

Usage Note -2: A gay bar and circuit events, by their very definition, cannot be considered a "broave"; however, plenty of gay bars and circuit events (primarily gay one-off/warehouse events) have been overrun by "Bro". In this case, 7 out of 10 of our usage counsel agree that it is okay in the latter case to refer to a gay bar or circuit event as a "broave". Nota Bene: This usage is highly disputable, and should only be used in cases where the Bros are especially attractive and flirtatious.
"How was the Mousetrap last night?"

"Lots of Bros there."

"Man, that place is turning into a broave."
by physix July 06, 2012
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