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netstream media

Noun, uncountable, mostly plural

1. information outlets disseminated via the Internet, usually associated with (though not necessarily) the highest viewed pages, therefore representing the majority of media that consumers are likely to encounter;

2. any Internet source that presents information in the form of news, reviews, gossip blogs, etc. Examples include Upworthy, XDA Developers, TMZ, among others.

3. compare, 'mainstream media.'

Usage Notes: Not to be confused with Adobe's ActionScript object class, 'Netstream.'

Style Guide: Writers should follow their preferred style guide in determining the singular form for 'netstream media.'
"I'm getting tired of all the emo-terrorism of the current batch of click-bait netstream media, like the viral mills of Upworthy or Buzzfeed."
by physix April 09, 2014
dee·JA·as·ter (pt-str)
1. A D.J. of insignificant, meretricious, or shoddy skill; in particular, one who implies a pretense of higher artistic value and caliber than their actual skill warrants (see David Guetta);

2. Any performance of a DJaster, used in the same way as "disaster";

3. Any performance of a DJ that was inferior to their normal performance, usually attributed, whether correctly or not, to equipment-related issues.

While spelling variants occur (e.g., D'jaster; D-jaster; DJ'aster; DJ-aster) 48 out of 50 Usage Experts agree that DJaster is the proper spelling. The other 2 are usage-expert-asters.

Because of the connection to an obscure word that commoners would have little connection with, it is undoubtedly the case that usage #3 will soon take precedence over usages #1 & 2; however, careful writers and throwers of Shade should refrain from using it in this lesser form and continue with its more refined traditions.
1. DJ Charlatan thinks, just because he has 1000 FB so-called "fans", that he's all bad-ass. But all he does is hit "sync" and pumps his fist in the air. He couldn't mix a cake!

2. "I went to go see DJ Charlatan last night."

"How was it?"

"It was what I expected it to be: A DJaster."

3. "My set was horrible! The needles kept messin' up, my Traktor wouldn't communicate with the control records, the mixer fader had a short in it . . . A complete DJaster!"
by physix July 18, 2013
n. A time of procrastination beginning often after arriving at work and ending when you go home.
I think it's break time.
by Physix December 02, 2010

1. A son of one's close, dear friend;
2. A godson, without the religious significance.

A portmanteau of "nephew" and "faux."

Alternative spellings: nepheux, nephaux, nepheax less common
"Is this your son?"

"No, he's the son of my friend since childhood."

"Ahh, then you're his n'uncle and he's your nepheaux, eh?"

"Quite right."
by physix July 18, 2013
n. (pronounced as "brove")

A portmanteau of the words "bro" and "rave".

A rave, or rave-like event, where the participants are mostly of the breed of men known lovingly as "Bro".

Broaves tend to feature the current electronic music on the harder, more bass-heavy spectrum of the macro-genre (read: jungle back in 2001; electro-house, in 2004; dubstep (bro-step), in 2011/12).

Broaves reflect the local Bro-scene and the typical Bro in a geographical area. Cities -- particularly college towns -- with bros of the asshole nature tend to have broaves filled with asshold bros.

Usage Note -1: Some people use "broave" to refer simply to events where the men outnumber the women considerably (see "sausage fest"); however, this usage is frowned upon by 9 out of 10 of our usage counsel and should not be used in this manner. (See also "Usage Note -2" below.)

Usage Note -2: A gay bar and circuit events, by their very definition, cannot be considered a "broave"; however, plenty of gay bars and circuit events (primarily gay one-off/warehouse events) have been overrun by "Bro". In this case, 7 out of 10 of our usage counsel agree that it is okay in the latter case to refer to a gay bar or circuit event as a "broave". Nota Bene: This usage is highly disputable, and should only be used in cases where the Bros are especially attractive and flirtatious.
"How was the Mousetrap last night?"

"Lots of Bros there."

"Man, that place is turning into a broave."
by physix July 06, 2012
n. A mathematical operator that does nothing.
As an example, we will do the trivial case where we apply the Nothing Operator.
by Physix December 02, 2010

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