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The act of a male taking a timed nap with his male friends
Josh "Damn, im feeling a little tired'"
Matt "Hey guys lets take a Bro-Nap together, no homo,"
Taylor and Chris together "That's a great idea!"
by Dukey Ceo of Treehousegang November 04, 2010
When your wasted and tired and fall asleep on one of your bros.
*Chad put his head on Ty and falls asleep*
Ty: "Dude what the fuck?"
Chad: "Dude, chill it's just a bro nap"
by fatfreddie April 10, 2009
Kidnapping a bro from his wife / girlfriend for his own good.
His wife was being a controlling bitch, so we bronapped him and went to the strip club.
by Tuaca August 09, 2010
Where three or more males are taking a nap in the same room.
Hey boys lets go take a bro nap before we leave.
by wagner820 September 11, 2009

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