Derived from the term brazilian which refers to the near-complete removal of the pubic and ass-crack hair via waxing. Refers to the analogous procedure performed on a man, usually in the hopes of receiving friction-free group anilingus at the local rest stop from mustachioed long-haul truckers.
Oh heavens! Chauncy's brozilian is just begging to be slathered in Astroglide!
by CPatch January 23, 2005
Top Definition
the male version of brazilian hair removal
Jason: I'm tired of feeling sweaty and hairy all summer long. I've booked myself in to have the whole lot waxed. I'm gonna be smooth for the summer.

Junior: that's what they call a Bro'zilian, make it a double booking man, we might get a discount, i'm gonna do it too!
by MikeBus November 11, 2010
The male version of a Brazilian bikini wax
I have a hot date tonight, I need to do some manscaping and get a Brozilian.
by Dr. J-Bone April 25, 2015
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