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People who the Americans sometimes like to poke fun at, but the British can't really hear it over their FREE healthcare.
British People - I think an American was trying to insult me for being British the other day, but I couldn't really hear him over my FREE healthcare.
by ed6322 December 05, 2010
Our brothers from across the pond. Many Americans get annoyed with the British for no reason, and try to insult them (Badly). The Americans and British often stereotype each other.
American people: Go back to your mansion and have a cup of tea as its such a spiffing day!

British people: At least we dont go to McDonald's every day, ya fat wankas!
by Thehumondalek January 02, 2011
Basically the backbone of the american lookout. We see them as the cool ones, and were just a bunch of jackasses! They can make anything sound cool like "Bananas in Pajamas." Smart and very funny people. (monty python)
Euro-Trip: Total stereotype of Brits. Yet, still funny in the way that the Brits are presented by swearing like scalliwags and drinking non-stop! Also very sporting for MANCHESTER UNITED THE GREATEST FOOTBALL TEAM EVER!!!!!!!!
by Jason Lovetto April 24, 2005
A phrase that creates a lot of debate and stereotyping between Americans and Britons on Urban Dictionary.
American: I'm going to define this word to take a stab at how snobby the British are!

British People: I'm going to define this word to jab at how fat Americans are!
by OhMy August 20, 2012
People that come from the countries England, Scotland and Wales.

NOT as many Americans seem (incorrectly) to think another name for people from England.

And also we don't all drink tea, and we don't all hate Americans!
American: 'Oh look there is a British person '

Girl: 'I'm ENGLisH!!!'
by fizzan May 06, 2012
A very strange lot of fellows who love to play Xbox live all day and talk about how fat and worthless the americans are, while they themselves don't know anything about who they are talking to. Usually the most smug and obnoxious ones are the kids, the ones who think they know everything and make very outrageous claims like no other. No one likes a smug british person.
I was playing Call of Duty 4 and some British Person, and his party of British People, started yelling at me about my mom. I think they were about 10-8 years old or something.
by BRITHATA36 September 21, 2008
A person from England, Wales or Scotland. Northern Ireland is not included as the full formal title of the UK is 'the United Kingdom of Great Britain AND Northern Ireland'. Ireland is not British. Britishness is sort of an umbrella nationality foisted upon people which has now partially grafted. Within Britain most people primarliy express their loyalties to either England, Walse or Scotland, depending on thier particular circumstances, and thereafter to Britainor not as in many cases.
British person. British person, british person.

A Scottish/Welsh person supporting an English athlete in the Olympics while supporting whoever plays England at just about any other sporting occassion!

The practice of English commentators describing Scottish/Welsh athletes as British while they are successful while using their primary nationality in defeat!

by John Smith Jones Rhys-Mogg June 22, 2007
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