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1. Noun: Someone who is trying to act like a british person, but doing it badly.

2. Verb: Te act british badly.
1. Noun: The britis will most likely not get the role in the movie.

2. Verb: Man, why are you acting so britis today?
by TeaAndCrumpets1222 December 30, 2011
1. Britis (noun): someone who is trying to act British badly; a british person who is a butt hole, douch bag, bitch, etc.

2. To Britis (verb): To purposely badly act like a British person
Noun: That actor is a total britis.

Boy, your cousin was acting like a britis when he threw fish and chips at the people walking by his house.

Verb: The actor is being britis so he will not get the role in the movie.
by FunnyWords12333 December 28, 2011
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