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Some one who is hella boring or just BASIC. or just a beeyotch.
"That vanilla brioche can't hang with us, too basic."
by queenbrioche December 08, 2014
n. A boring, french, muffin-esque subsitute for the croissant. Usually eaten by boring, croissant-hating people.
"Brian eats Brioches. He's such a croissant hater."
"Pass me the Brioche, dear." "What, the muffin?" "No, the thing that looks like a muffin but isn't."
by The Light of Reason February 20, 2005
(n.) Some damn fine pussy.
Dude, I chowed-down on some damn fine brioche this morning. Don't need no hollandaise on the eggs benedict! Just a bib cuz of all this fuckin' Glaze.
by D'emon November 13, 2002
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