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An amazing musical that takes place in a fantasy town in the misty highlands of Scotland.(movie stars Gene Kelly)
Aye there, welcome to Brigadoon!
by MacDaniel April 04, 2004
A shop or building that you find by accident, but which isn't there when you return. Taken from the name of the village (in the musical and the film) which reappears for one day in every hundred years.
There's this wonderful Thai restaurant in Scarborough, but it's a bit of a Brigadoon.
by NeuralWarp December 25, 2010
Brigadoon is an alcoholic beverage commonly drank in soaps set in Londons east end, Usually followed by concoctions of uppers, downers and finally crack.

Side effects are inebriation, vomiting and chatting crap
Pass me the Brigadoon you schlaag
by phil mitchell August 12, 2010

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