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Slang term for military prison.
Private Dick was trown in the brig for three years for shitting on the White House lawn.
by J. Malik March 19, 2006
That annoying thing that bruh auto corrects to.
"Yo whats up brig"
"Bruh*** Fucking autocorrect"
by QualifiedLlama October 26, 2015
1. To practice rape
2. Also it can mean animals licking eachother so much that their tongues catch fire
3. Fuck
4. Being a jerk and leaving every kik you're added to
Man that guy is suck a brig!
by Ray Pest 69 March 21, 2014
a cross between the words "bro" and "nig" as if someone would say "my nig" or "my bro"
Guy #1: "yo. you know that guy frank?"
Guy #2: "yea wat about him?"
Guy #1: "hes my brig"
Guy #2: "word"
by team skittles March 27, 2011

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