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The word that connotes "smacking lips". The sound is made by opening your lips as simultaneously suppress your tongue and pull air into your mouth. Creates a moist "clucking" sound.
Smacking lips is the action, BRIFF is the word.
My boyfriend always briffs whenever he's waking up.

He has good table manners except he briffs really loudly, which can be annoying.

My grandmother will briff when she is thristy
by Its A Thing May 30, 2009
Unknown, meat-like matter. Usually accompanied by beans.
Served in pieces, cuts or slabs.
I'm not sure what cut of meat that is, it looks like a slab of briff.

These beans are bland on their own and would go nice with a side of briff.

What's in your Taco Bell taco? Lettuce, tomato, cheese and pieces of briff.
by PseudoBriff November 26, 2012
A brash and stiff demeanor, state of being, or essence.
That man's beard is briff.
What swag, what briff!
Nigel entered the room briff.
by AnnabelleU123 June 04, 2013
To be given or to give something useful to someone in need. such as a cigarette or a lighter
"Hey, Briff me", John was given a cigarette by his freind.

Jeffry was in need and his friend Briffed him.

Tim was in need of a quick Briffing
by Hambone1337420 March 03, 2009
A person named zack that works at the safari bar, also may be called zbra, zmoney, brah, proby, and or zmuffin.
whats goin on briff
by briff January 01, 2010
A brief whiff. A quick smell of something that doesn't linger.
Ohhhh, I just got a briff of someone's ass!
by Epatrick1 November 02, 2007
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