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A girl that you totally want to bang!
Damn... she's such a brienna.
by Xmap December 12, 2010
Genrally taller then the average woman has a good semse of humour but dont try to give shit to this woman as she has dark side.... a very very dark side she will kick your ass if you give her or any of her friends shit shell be behind you with her foot up your ass in under 10 seconds.

so remember if you see a brienna dont even try to insult her
bulley : Hey where do you think you going punk

Me : oh you dont wanna hurt me

bulley : oh yeah why not?

Me : Because i have a friend named brienna

bulley : oh shit sorry mate can ahh can i get you something anything anyuthing at all.
by Briennas friend October 06, 2011
A crazy Jewish woman who uses the word miztfah to insult people. She often uses words such as; Schmutz, Bitchen, Tukus, Nosch, and NU-UH!!! And talks with her hands even though she denies it.
OHMIGOD,You didn't do a mitzfah today!!!
NU-UH I do NOT talk with my hands (while flailing her hands about)

Oh my godness you just hit that person with your hand while you were talking, what a Brienna
by CharityMercy January 30, 2008
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