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Noun- someone that completely lacks knowledge and looks foolish because so
"Jesus Christ. You're such a briefcase Mike; Robert Frost wasn't just stopping by woods on a snowy evening."
by Coolio2244242 October 11, 2009
12 4
A box of Franzia, (boxed wine) preferably chilled and ready to go.
Person 1: Did you really bring Franzia to a party?

Person 2: No man this is my briefcase. I have some business to attend to.

Person 1: That's one hell of a briefcase.
by alejandrobot July 20, 2010
13 6
a case with a handle; for carrying papers or files or books
in fact he looked like a typical businesman...you know,dark suit and briefcase
by maorongrong June 23, 2007
10 5
Leave the briefcase carl!
Get out of the car Carl! Doesnt matter about the briefcase, leave the briefcase!
by Morfee November 26, 2004
3 17