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Noun- someone that completely lacks knowledge and looks foolish because so
"Jesus Christ. You're such a briefcase Mike; Robert Frost wasn't just stopping by woods on a snowy evening."
by Jesus Christ $uperstar October 11, 2009
When you capture your ejaculation in your foreskin to be deposited later.
Don't worry I briefcased, so there is no mess in the bedroom.
by ibcuibds'uvs November 11, 2014
A box of Franzia, (boxed wine) preferably chilled and ready to go.
Person 1: Did you really bring Franzia to a party?

Person 2: No man this is my briefcase. I have some business to attend to.

Person 1: That's one hell of a briefcase.
by alejandrobot July 20, 2010
a case with a handle; for carrying papers or files or books
in fact he looked like a typical know,dark suit and briefcase
by maorongrong June 23, 2007
Leave the briefcase carl!
Get out of the car Carl! Doesnt matter about the briefcase, leave the briefcase!
by Morfee November 26, 2004
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