A forum ghost who spends his every waking moment kissing the ass of anyone he considers important.

A high school kid who spends time at elementary schools looking for hot 2nd grade boys to fondle.
Mofome is my daddy. i hope he puts his asshole right down on my brickshithouse.

did you see that brickshithouse leaving the school yard with that 7 year old boy?
by ogd crew May 26, 2010
A term your buddy will use to describe a hot chick. You know she may be hot, but there is just no way to ever get with her because she looks to much like a dude.
friend "hey check her out"
you "she built like a brick shit house"
friend "wow, she's hot"
you "yeah okay" to yourself "how well do I know this dude, weirdo"
by vwman May 08, 2008
noun.Sally, a woman of brute strength that can lift anything or break you in half
Man, she lifted that washing machine by herself, she really is a Brick Shithouse
by lurlyjenn04 August 02, 2007
A descriptive term of approval used to describe the figure of a woman as being voluptuous.
Random posted a picture of her navel piercing and I noticed that she's built like a brick shithouse.
You use the term "brick shit house" to describe someone who is hideous looking. Usually this person has a disproportionate figure, uber short legs, or is just super fat.
Person A: "Do you see that huge ass person over there?"
Person Z: "Yeah, that bitch is build like a brick shit house."
by qwerpoiu November 18, 2009
A big red brick house with doors that have no staircases to go down. With a ghetto rock driveway and a flat roof. Looks like a Giant outhouse.
I was looking to move on Lawler but when I saw the place was a brick shit house I chose to stay in my apartment.
by kathleen182 June 03, 2005
Solid; chubby girls with a big ass
Tom: hey did u see Kelly clarksons new video.
Joe: no
Tom: she's a straight brick shithouse.
by T-Bone 2 April 04, 2009
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