15 definitions by sayonaura

is Brazilian Portuguese for Ass, Butt, Derriere, etc
i gusta sexo you bunda
by sayonaura April 21, 2004
used to describe the material that something you cant find is made out of, like hard to find car parts.
those taillights must be made of unobtanium, i cant find them anywhere
by sayonaura April 20, 2004
slutty girl
That chick is one cum guzzling gutter snipe
by sayonaura April 20, 2004
radiospeak, instead of saying over and out, which is gay, say roger copy clear. leaves no doubt that you are done with the conversation
"rogercopyclear" (i heard you, i understood you, and i dont want to talk to you anymore)
by sayonaura April 20, 2004
a large amount of something, usually either fun, or semen
"i pumped oodles and oodles of jis all over her ass"

it was oodles of fun
by sayonaura April 20, 2004
Alaskan slang for Jail
not another night in the crowbar motel
by sayonaura April 20, 2004
to get really angry, then explode
he finally twisted off and killed the bitch
by sayonaura April 20, 2004

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