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Region of long, thick hair above the ass crack on the lower back. Briar patches are more commonly seen on men and Rosie O'Donnell.
Mike: Sick shit dude, you need to shave your Briar Patch!
Scott: I can't reach it, I'm too fat!
by albundy1234 July 23, 2010
A term used for a setting or location where females, usually overly friendly (sluts), go to find someone to sleep with.

Usual places include clubs, bars, and house parties.
"Dude lets go to the briar patch, there's always girls there."
by Sinister_Methods December 19, 2009
the name given to the ugliest boys in the bunch....the raddish out of all the apples and plums
Look at that raddish straight outta the briar patch
by bob hastle February 20, 2005

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