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Brian Urlacher is the Middle Linebacker of the Chicago Bears and a 4-time Pro Bowl participant.
He's one of the fastest, strongest and hardest Linebackers of the Nfl.
He's called the "Monster of the midway", and really deserves this name.
Coach to a player: "Man, you just played like an Urlacher!"
by PT February 16, 2005
middle linebacker for the chicago bears in their 4-3 defense (4 on the line, 3 backers). Considered a hard hitter and one of the upper-echelon LBs in the Nfl. However, as those who watched the bears-steelers game in the 2005-2006 season, brian urlacher is simply a footrug for the great jerome bettis, future hall of famer.
Oh man, theres brian urlacher! i bet hes going to crush jerome bettis's skull into approximately 27 pieces!
... oh, shit, urlacher just got trampled by the bus, giving up a touchdown. maybe next year, lovie smith (coach of the bears)
by Hajari February 18, 2006
Most overrated linebacker in the NFL. Has never led the league in tackles and only has created one turnover since the 2003 season. Also the worst Defensive Player of the since the award has been given.
Wow!! Brian Urlacher is overrated!! He is very good at getting run over by Jerome Bettis!
by BenzoJohnny July 31, 2006