Cumming in a girl's mouth after morning sex. Must be followed by the girl saying, "Mmm...Breakfast!''
"Would you like me to serve you some breakfast?"
(30 seconds later)
#breakfast #cumming #felatio #fellatio #morning sex
by MrCSmokin September 11, 2007
Top Definition
A mythological event before the dawn of time.
"I don't believe that there is enough evidence to suggest that breakfast is a plausable event. With a lack of eye witnesses, we are forced to conclude that it does not exist"
#big bang #morning #eggs #bacon #overated
by Rupert Budge March 18, 2007
A meal...obviously...
Who the fuck needs to know what breakfast is? Seriously...why are you even searching it?
#lunch #dinner #supper #dindin #sloppy breakfast
by Chick mag January 14, 2010
The first meal of the day, sometimes served in bed. However, dinner is much better in bed.
You may get breakfast in bed, but I get dinner in bed, which is much better.
by LK March 21, 2004
A meal that is usually served in the morning.
Let's go to IHOP (International House of Pancakes) for breakfast today!
by Kyle May 17, 2003
The act of eating your woman out in the morning while your kids are sleeping. (in a sexual way)
Guy 1: damn, i just had a good ass breakfast this morning.

Guy 2: Really, what did you have ?

Guy 1: My wife...
#sex #bed #cum #nibble #bite #lick
by latinflavor August 16, 2009
What you will shout to have the world for if you drink volcanicity.
George Volcano: "It will make you shout, 'C'mon world I'll have you for breakfast!' Try some!"
Tyrannosaurus Allen: "Hmm yes, I do feel hydrated! C'MON WORLD I'm Tyrannosaurus Allen AND I'll HAVE YOU FOR BREAKFAST!"
#breakfast #youtubepoop #tyrannosaurus allen #dinner #lunch #volcanicity #lol
by John Claset February 21, 2008
a name given to a particular person who you find extremly attractive and would like to jump make out, or have sex with. this comes from the saying "man, i'd eat her for breakfast"
"that guy has a body like a god, he's my breakfast"
"murray is my breakfast"
"i'd love to lick that breakfast stamp"
#make out #jump #sex #attractive #hot
by r-boat June 11, 2008
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