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occurs when a man dips his penis in butter and garlic salt, then surprises his girlfriend with garlic break flavor when she goes down on him.
Last night, in the heat of the moment, I tasted garlic and realized Tom was bread sticking me!
by GingerBunny October 18, 2011
After making or collecting breadsticks from an italian restaurant, You drive around with your windows down throwing the breadsticks at people on the streets.
everyone meet at Gino's and get as many sticks as you can we're going Breadsticking
by r to the m$ April 09, 2006
The act of sticking a breadstick (preferably from Olive Garden) up a smokin' hot girl's ass, biting the end of it, and thrusting it violently in her ass with your mouth until she shits.
No trip to Olive Garden is complete without a quick breadsticking in the bathroom with your lover.
by J_Cut February 06, 2011
Inserting a lubricated bread stick into ones anus as a party trick. (Friend pushing it in so far that it breaks off optional).
"My arse hurts so much! I was breadsticking on the dancefloor and some dude snapped my breadstick off!"
by Shane Turner/Daniel Lowndes August 05, 2003
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