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To wear a thong and shit through it, splitting the turd into two pieces.
Every time laundry day rolls around, I can tell if my girlfriend has done any turd cutting or not.
by J_Cut February 06, 2011
Sexual position where the man lies on his back and the woman positions herself perpendicular to the man before giving him a blowjob. The man then reaches up and fingers her as she goes to town on his cock. A birds eye view of the pair reveals the shape of the number 4. The 4 is superior to the 69 because nobody has to put their nose in any assholes.
-"Your Grandma is sexy, I wanna 69 her."

-"You should do The 4, it's way better."
by J_Cut February 06, 2011
The act of transferring static electricity from one's fingertip to the tip of an erect penis
My nanny used to smokestack lightning me before every bath. I could tell my little sister was jealous.
by J_Cut February 06, 2011
When a man puts his asshole up to a woman's vagina and fills it up with shit.
I spent last night landfilling with the cleaning lady at my office. It was easy to get her to do it because she's a filthy whore.
by J_Cut September 03, 2011
A McDonald's Big Mac that has had the middle bun replaced by a Filet-O-Fish patty. Also referred to as a Redneck Surf n' Turf.
My friend tricked me into eating a Fish Mac and I had to sit on the toilet for 2 weeks.
by J_Cut April 23, 2011
The act of sticking a breadstick (preferably from Olive Garden) up a smokin' hot girl's ass, biting the end of it, and thrusting it violently in her ass with your mouth until she shits.
No trip to Olive Garden is complete without a quick breadsticking in the bathroom with your lover.
by J_Cut February 06, 2011

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