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Putting slices of bread with peanut butter on a car,mailbox,cat
"Dude Daniela was breading that cat !"
by Twinkie Swagg November 06, 2011
The sexual act of inserting bread into the anus
me and vicky were trying to spice up our sex life, we tried breading now i cant stop.
by beckysonfire April 14, 2015
Not paying attention when you're doing something. Brain dead in verb form.
Oh shit my bad I was just breading (breadin') for a sec, I didn't realize what you were saying
by Martialdemon November 30, 2010
The act of visiting a toilet armed with bread immediately after the toilet has been used. Proceeding to clean the toilet with the bread and then eating it.
The guys from audit always go into the toilet after I've laid one out, they mop up the remnants and eat the bread, the dirty breaders. It was a breading fest.
by Breader November 27, 2007
the act of dropping scent, spreading crumbs, ultimately sleazing. a very urban expression, often used on busy dancefloors. usually accompanied with a relevant throwing of crumbs action. result of breading = gooch
Q. what shall we do tonight lad?
A. let's go breading and get ourselves some gooch
by hitmanno1 November 26, 2007
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