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Take two pieces of bread, put a piece of bread between them. Apply to face.

Bam. Bread Sandwich
Carl must have money, I heard he butters his bread sandwiches.
by Pwnsaw December 01, 2010
Anything (usually sexual) implying three white objects close together. For example, if two Caucasian males were to spit roast a Caucasian female it would be described as a bread sandwich
Baz: did you hear about Andy, Keiran and Jayne?

Samuel: No..
Jack: what happened?

Louis: I heard, they got wasted and made a total bread sandwich
by spit-roast March 28, 2014
term for a man/woman/significant other who is physically attractive, but there is very little that interests you on the inside.
"Hey, what do you think of that girl Amy?"

"She's hot, but not my type."


"She's a bread sandwich."
by Dyleon69 May 19, 2010
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