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When a person has the turtle head and no toilet facilities are in the nearby vicinity, a person may fart to free up vital bowel space, buying time until the nearest toilet is reached. On expulsion of gas, a yell of “Freedom” may be proclaimed: only if soiling the pants is sucessfully avoided.
Person 1: Fuck me Scott, I've got to drop the kids off at the pool asap.

Person 2: Tim, just Bravefart to free up space untill you get to the next toilet.

Person 1: "Pharp", Freedom!! Thanks for the advice Scott, I feel better now.
by Cowboy Scientist August 05, 2008
Rip a couragious fart when you know you're having diarhea
Aw that's disgusting!
No it's not, it was a couragious bravefart!
by R031 August 13, 2011
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