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Being a brat. Involves childish teasing, pranks, and other naughtiness from spanko bottoms, with the intent of provoking a top.
She kept bratting all evening until she finally got a good spanking.
by euphemizer September 20, 2014
The art of preparing a meal consisting of Brown rice Avocado and tuna (and chilli).
Usually the meal that coincides with the start of rig season.
Bobo: Hey Fats, where's the Brat pack? I'm thinking of bratting at lunch today

Fats: Tru dat, getting pretty close to rig season. I think A-Town, Faz-Dawg & Geershift are busy tanning up hard at NS oval with Tommy the Tailor

Bobo: Classic. That's such a BRAT thing to do.
by BoboBRAT August 17, 2011
to crush on someone, or sweat someone but to do so in a childish manner
she keeps texting that poor guy's phone.
she really likes him but totally bratting him
by a bratter October 22, 2009

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