The tank top of the sort called "wife-beaters" and, later on, in a burst of completely misguided feminism, "boy beaters".

Brando looked famously steamy in one in "Streetcar Named Desire", and let's face it, I think we can agree that abuse jokes aren't particularly funny.
"A totally hot guy just passed me on the street wearing a Brando. I had to wolf-whistle at him!"
by ThursdayWeld March 28, 2010
Top Definition
Someone who will kick your ass with the flick of their wrist.
Be careful what you say, that dude is a fuckin Brando
by Dym June 11, 2004
A sex god that roams Australia. Women will do anything to get into bed with him.
"brando is the best sex i have ever had"
by smartdictionary September 05, 2009
The Craziest Mexican you will ever meet. He is kinda perverted but all in all he is the funniest kid ever. When you meet a Brando you will automatically laugh. Brando's also have alot of sex
Brando a Crazy Mexican
by caryn69 February 20, 2011
brando is a word commonly used by young suburban teens to describe how cool something is.
aw man that was so brando

nah man im brando im just staying home tonight
by the mad patter October 01, 2009
A Swagged out young fellow who wears a black sweatshirt. Hustles third graders for lunch money
I was with Brando the other day, what a cool guy.
by YoungMan123 March 12, 2013
To Fuck the shit out of a women. The use of the Shocker/Punisher. Decendet of Leonidous (from Spartan Legends)
Hey man i totaly brandos that chick last night. Again Brandos will come and destroy all
by BrandosTheSpartan March 22, 2008
Brandos is a fuckboy, he is a social climber that claims he is a deep guy but really he just wants girls for sex. He listens to his mother at home when he is out he lives by his own rules

All Brandos's like to have a lot of sex
"yo yo yo that Brandos Antic guy is such a fuckboy "
by kayeemare March 15, 2015

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