1. A term meaning a bad cuss, in which you have juts dissed the person back, implying that the other person is wrong.
Oh bram you mofo, I'm right!
by Rock On you mofo May 11, 2005
An insulting acronym; It stands for "Bogus Retard Ass Muncher"
1: You Bram!

2: I'll kick you right in the Braming mouth
by Immortal-Jake April 27, 2006
to do something so stupid you hit your own head in disgrace. Usually has a bad consiquence, and is sometimes followed by an "OH SHIT ME"
abe just pulled the BIGGEST bram ever!
by nickllle September 15, 2006
a stupid action and results in a "bram" and is followed by an "oh shit me
that was a huge "bram"
by tyler peep September 19, 2006
Dissed; Insulted; Ignored
"Oh! You just got bram!"
by MeeeeAndYouuuu April 22, 2007

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