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1.) A total country boy; who loves riding dirtbikes, four-wheelers, snowsleds, ect. He loves pimpin' out his snowsled and dirtbike; along with playing basketball, baseball, and soccor. He's extremely atheltic, smart, and good-looking. He usually cares a lot for the girls he dates. He has curly brown hair, blue eyes, and a killer smile. He's a real ladies man.
Boy 1: Dude, did you see that kid? He was sick out there on that dirtbike!
Boy 2: Well duh, he's a Brady.

Girl 1: Did you see that boy? What a Brady<3
by iluvbrady9 February 06, 2010
28 54
To leave a social situation without saying goodbye or letting others know you are leaving. A sneaky exit.
A. Where did you go last night? Did you brady? I couldn't find you?
B. Yeah, you people are a bunch of losers.
by cLF October 17, 2006
1479 620
A guy who cares a lot about other people. He doesn't base his friendships and relationships on how someone looks. Brady is the type of guy that is everyone's best friend. He is also a laddies man. Every girl is hanging on his every word. And often flirts as often as possible, even if it not intentional. Brady loves music, and very ridiculous things. He is so sweet and will never let someone fall between the cracks and if they do he helps them back up. Usually has long blondish brownish hair that he is nagged to cut, and brilliant blue eyes. Brady is one of the dearest friends you can ever have.
I don't know how to tell him I like him, thats Brady for you.

You are such a Brady, everyone loves you

Brady you are just so...perfect I know
by KT1 <3 July 22, 2009
955 390
A handsome yet conflicted sole, on the brink of panic at all times. A ladies man with no game. Lives for the party, but is not the life of the party.

"what a Brady..."
by Penocular revival February 02, 2010
706 391
noun a person who is a ladies man..has all the ladies
look that guy over there he must be a brady
by llegar neish bitch October 25, 2006
871 729
the most incredible and sexiest guy alive. most loving person, you will ever meet. Brady is someone you will fall in love with instantly and then keep one falling in love with. he's perfect beyond belief. He plays the guitar with passion and he sings with feeling. A lyricist, a poet, a warrior and a sweetheart with a big heart. A sweet, kind person who emits a powerful and gentle brilliance around him. Brady is every girls' dream prince and is the only guy a girl would love to walk the aisle down with. Oh did i mention he is AMAZINGLY PERFECT? xXxXx
girl 1: have you met brady, he's stunning! And i can't keep my eyes off him
girl 2: He just has that effect on you. His magnetism is crazzzy. *sigh* he's my dream guy.
by kwikymart June 29, 2010
248 144
Hard worker, often shy and likes to make quick exits. Sometimes a sex addict. Usually has beautiful blue eyes. Sarcastic.
What happened to Brady? Brady is always at work. That guy at the club was a drunk and total Brady.
by Joe Thirsty March 03, 2009
372 285
Possibly the hottest and sexiest person in existence. He has the best swimmers body that anyone would fall in love with from just a glance. Usually goes for the unexpected tall, pretty girl with dark brown hair. Nice, Charming, and very polite.
your boyfriend is such a Brady!
by bdgsnj123 October 01, 2011
139 67