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The act of performing a facial cum-shot on a younger female whom has braces.

In order to pull a Bracial off effectively, the girl must be willing to take the cum-shot in the mouth, and once it occurs, she is to smile widely and allow her partner to skeet all over her braces while she maintains eye contact and the smile.
...and so I pulled out, she spun around and dropped to her knees and said 'Cum all over my fucking braces' as she grinned. As she cupped my balls and stuck her tongue out I blew my load ALL over her braces, and she just smiled up at me the whole time... And THAT my friends, is how a Bracial is executed!
by xSiNNx January 30, 2011
the act of ejaculating on the brain during brain surgery
Dr. Cawk was in the middle of a procedure and suddenly he whipped it out and gave the bitch a bracial
by sexsphere October 29, 2010
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