Top Definition
Balls, sack, testicles, scrotum
Grab da bozak bitch
by Ant February 17, 2004
Slang for ball sack.
Get the bozak -- EPMD.
by odl July 14, 2005
The company started by Rudy Bozak in the 1950's that today makes the best-known deejay mixers and deejay-ing equipment. The Bozak company was originally known for making some of the world's best speaker systems but sadly stopped building speakers after Mr. Bozak's passing. Bozak speakers are still being traded in the vintage audio market.
Damn, man... those old Bozak woofers put out some kick-ass bass.
by Beans598 January 07, 2009
A negative form of psychological energy.
If you don't cut that shit, I'm gonna have to break out the bozak on your ass.
by Adrian Silver December 04, 2010
male genitalia - see cock meat
Dat beeyatch made me happy by yankin' on my bozak.
by The Slanguist June 11, 2003
a black man's penis
Looks like she could use some bozak
by John F. Christ March 16, 2008
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