Phonetically, it is your ballsack. Not the rest of the three piece set, just the sack.
Get off my bozack, biyatch.
by EvilMikeSCN January 10, 2003
The penis and testicles, referred to as a unit
- Bozack? What's that?
- Dick and nut sack.

--Da Lynch Mob, Guerrillas in the Mist
by nachobizzler February 09, 2005
dick eg. penis
slang term for penis coined in the late 80's by the rap duo epmd.
all non believers can get the bozack
by nuiop January 11, 2003
Your johnson, your peter, your cock and balls. Well maybe minus the balls, I dont really know, but you get the point.
"People who dont like me can get the bozack"
by Eric Sermon November 09, 2002
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