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A boy who displays the traits of a bitch
Girl 1: Why did Jeremy go off crying like that?

Girl 2: Nothing big, he is just a boytch.
by Not a Boytch October 05, 2009
a boy bitch
tommy is such a boytch
by jucieboxxx September 06, 2010
A male version of "bitch" used in slang not referring to female dog. A man whose behavior is offensive or mean. Can be also used in a playful or teasing manner.
Don't be a boytch.
by Genie Sea September 30, 2011
Describing something has funny, cool, or amuzing. Used to describe a person as clueless in a funny way without a negative connotation.
You looked like such a boytch when you fell.


That joke was boytch, you should tell more people that.
by hannahsaboytch January 26, 2011
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