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In a video game, camping at another team's spawn point, usually unsuccessfully.
Man 1: "Harry was doing some real boy-scouting last night on Call of Duty!"
Man 2: "I know, what a jackass."
#boy scouting #camping #boy-scotting #boi scouting #boy scoutig
by SmoothieMan August 29, 2010
when a girl with one or more friends hunts for cute guys to hang out with, flirt with, or glance at. usually done at the beach, boardwalk, or any other public area where man candy can be found. sometimes the're found in unusual places, such as working at the ice cream place or caddying at the golf course, thus one must always be boy scouting.
friend #1: omg im so bored. lets go do something
friend #2: like what
friend #3: boy scouting!
friends #1&#2: yea!!
#boy #scouting #hunting #man candy #flirting
by yuu dont need to know August 19, 2007
when you insert 2 fingers into a womans vagina
i boyscouted my girlfriend last night
by arlie September 05, 2004
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