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A group that, like german's, are criticized and stereotyped based off of a few of their number. While many Boy Scouts are unskilled, uncoordinated marshmallows, there are some among them who are very competent, skilled, and mature. And for the record, calling boy scout's gay is like special olympics retarded, because it is a publicly anti-homosexual organization. Some scouts take what they do very seriously, and are greatly offended when people stereotype them. Many of these skilled Boy Scouts, who generally become eagle scouts, which as you probably know is the most prestigious thing a youth in our country can do, are highly trianed in the use of knives, bows, firearms, wilderness survival, first aid, and firebuilding. They are extremely dedicated and honorable young men, who work their asses of to do what they do. Many will go on to become soldiers and special forces operators, politicians, police officers, teachers, firemen, doctors, and other professions people rely on. So next time, just think, when you and your friends are sitting making fun of these boys, besides the fact he could probably kill you before you knew he was mad, that he may be the person who you need to protect you, or lead you, or save you one day. Remember that.
Guy 1: Hey did you hear? Johnny was making fun of Mike the other day, and Mike stabbed Johnny in the knee, tore out 4 of his teeth, and choked him to death with a square knot.
Guy 2: Holy Balls!!!??!! Where did he learn to do that?
Guy 1: Boy Scouts.
Guy 2: Seems legit....
by soccerxboy101 June 19, 2012

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