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a quasi military organization that trains young american boys how to kick ass and take names,they do a lot more than than set stuff on fire and tie knots.
micheal: i would never join the boy scouts, its gay
john: i know how to 200 ways to kill you in 5 secs
by mr.remoter January 13, 2011
A joke of a church that believes that America is gonna suffer in the eternal flames of hell for accepting homosexuality. Originating from Topeka,Kansas, they are usually found at funerals of fallen soldiers desecrating the flag and protesting how their death was punishment us not being Intolerant homophobic rednecks.
jim: did you see those nutjobs from the Westboro Baptist Church on the news today?
billy: nah i dont got time for stupid jackasses like them
by Mr.Remoter June 02, 2011
makes butt sex alot more pleasant
Rob: i was fucking jenny last week and her butt started bleeding
Phil: didnt you use sex jelly? it makes it all worth while
by Mr.Remoter May 31, 2011

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