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1-a guy on the man time podcast
2-the name you say to applaud someone
bing:i have listened to every episode of man time
everyone: wooo! well done bown!
by aratarsedlittleshitbag February 25, 2012
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Same meaning and function as the word own, only in a more powerful, satirical manner. Used only when the utmost owning has occured. Can also be put to use in its past/present tense: bowned.
"Son, you better quit before I bown you."
DragonLord, the uber L337, just got bowned by a newb at counterstrike!
by RedWing4evr October 02, 2004
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The bass when plucked makes a sound that is low. It sounds like "bown"
by Guyfellow February 04, 2017
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