N. a piece of exercise machinery that is used for no particular purpose other than to create some pretty heavy camel toe.
"wow, this new bow flex commercial is nothing more than a vast array of camel toe."
by ballsac October 14, 2003
Top Definition
A home gym. Has rods instead of weights. Power rods that is.
Jacob Hill owns a bowflex. He is strong.
by HuffNumber9 April 05, 2004
:a fully erect penis that is slightly arched and oscillating up and down.
"Check out my bowflex Misty. This power rod has perfect form. Wrap your lips around it and avago."
by DJ Newman October 07, 2003
The most expensive coat hanger you'll ever buy.
Alex: "Dude, you're getting fat - why don't you use the Bowflex your dad bought?"
Eric: "'cause there isn't any room in the closet for our winter coats..."
by Mazer86 July 31, 2008
A good home gym for those short on living space, but damn expensive ($1500 for the whole set!!) Better off to get some REAL weights or a GYM membership for a fraction of the cost.
Joe: Did you see that new Bowflex commercial?
Dave:Yep, but$49.95 a month my ass!!
by xzybit December 13, 2005
Used as an adjective, this term describes any person, male or female, who is extremely muscular and/or tanned.
Holy shit! That guy's so bowflex, I bet he could lift a house.
by liebensaft April 02, 2009
What big Martha uses to work out.
Get the fuck off my Bowflex before i fuck you up. If you ever use my Bowflex again ill kill you. Got it Ho!
by KKK (Kunt Kings Klub) May 31, 2003
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