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An amazing town on the South Coast of England with the best night-life in the UK and the second best beaches (after Poole).
Often put down by people who come from London due to the fact that they're angry that they can't afford to live somewhere that awesome, and also by people from Brighton, who are jealous because Bomo has a proper beach with real sand.
Londoner: "Bournemouth is so borin' blud"
Bomo-Dweller: "What, because there are no stabbings?"

Brightonite: "Yeah well Brighton is the REAL B-Town, and our clubs are WAAAY cheaper."
Bomo-Dweller: "Fuck off and sunbathe on some stones."
by Surferdudewithhugeballs December 08, 2010

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Possibly the greatest place on earth, if you enjoy eating Shit Crumpets and farting planets.
Seriously though it's pretty poor as places go, saying you're in Bournemouth is like saying you're Scunthorpe. People's only response will be 'why'.
"Mate this place is HORRENDOUS."
"Atleast we're not in bournemouth"
"Good point"
by Captain Fail March 06, 2010