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Anthony Bourdain; noun, adj.

Anthony Bourdain is an author, chef, and television host. This is ironic because he is also Satan. He is one of the baddest motherfuckers to grace television. His books are well written, conscious, and can be quite humorous. His restraunt, Les Halles, serves amazing French cuisine and is located in New York. He has/had two television shows. The first being "A Cook's Tour" on the Food Network. The second show, "No Reservations", being an almost exact copy, but far better and is still being aired with new seasons being filmed.

On his shows he is known for eating way to much (yet being tall and skinny), smoking excessively, and getting drunk most everywhere he goes. He can also be extremely obnoxious and arrogant when doing any of these three things.

He has also eaten some very nasty things. Andrew Zimmern cannot even stand in the same ring with this guy. Bourdain once ate a Wild Hog's anus while in Namibia.
Cody: Dude, I saw Anthony Bourdain on my trip to New York!

Brian: Bullshit. He wouldn't talk to a faggot like you.

Cody: Good point, but he is still awesome.

Brian: Don't tell me shit I already know, Captain Obvious.
by I<3tits April 06, 2008
When smoking marijuana, that one infamous hit that nudges you from sober to high. Usually occurs five to ten minutes into the smoking session, depending upon the quality of the weed. If the weed's super dank, one might Anthony Bourdain on the first hit, though this is rare (and would consequently enable one to appropriately declare, "Noooo reservations!").

Named for the popular chef/host/tour guide who is known for his liberal attitude towards mind-altering substances and who was, incidentally, on television when this phenomenon was being named.
Example 1.
Seymour had been smoking with his friend Mortimer for a few minutes when he suddenly felt the stirrings of a good high. "Ah... I just Anthony Bourdained," he announced.

"There she blows," answered Mortimer.

Example 2.
Jane took her third hit from the bong. As she slowly released the smoke from her lungs and felt her extremities start to tingle, she realized that the hit was her Anthony Bourdain.
by HatsForEveryone April 17, 2012
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