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Removing the cap of a beer bottle in one's anus while using said beer bottle for anal stimulation.
I was bottlenecking the shit out of her, but afterwards the beer tasted terrible.
by The Real Big Cheif May 19, 2011
When a male/female stands up straight and tilts their neck back, allowing their partner to sit on face whilst making love. The male/female on bottom may stick tongue up ass and or vagina, as well suck on balls, making for a pleasurable experience for the one on top. In addition, the one on bottom may also hold the thighs of their partner, relieving some stress on their neck if they are not strong enough to hold them without the support.
"We tried bottle-necking last night, now my neck is super sore!"
"Damn! I gotta do that too!"
by The Fire Dragon June 26, 2016
When the skin of a circumsized penis comes over the head, especially when cold.
Dude, check it out, I'm bottlenecking!" "Aw, dude, put that shit away!"
by Penn's April 29, 2011
using pedestrian roadworks to such an effect that conversation can be struck up with a random member of the public with a view to taking them back to your place to rut
"How did you pick her up?"

"I bottlenecked her on Kilburn High Road"
by Alistair Drummond February 16, 2005
The act of holding a bottle by its neck. Commonly seen at parties, inexperienced drinkers do it to look cool, holding the bottle awkwardly by their side. As they become more intoxicated, they will become more and more protective of their drink, just to make it obvious that they are DRINKING ALCOHOL!!!1one1
"Look at that bottle necking buckhead!"

"OI! Jermaine, quit neckin' that bottle and come help me bury this corpse"

"Man, Tobias is a total bottle necker"
by Daveypants December 30, 2005
Using a bottle, preferably a glass one, to aide sexual stimulation.
"The young doctoral intern was astounded to find the farmer's penis lodged inside of the coke bottle while bottlenecking."
by b-run June 28, 2007
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