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bottles of water with minerals, chemicals cuz tap water will melt white people......

NOTE: bottled water is only sold to white people
Martin: Gee, this bottle of water sure is tasty!
M-Dizzle: Shut the fuck up cracka
by Ryguy Whits September 25, 2004
Something a lot of people buy without realizing that it is free everywhere else.
Newsflash! WATER IS FREE! but you can waste your money on bottled water if you want to look really sharp
by alilhappything June 27, 2006
The 3 dollar-per-quart version of the essence of life. This is justified by running tap water through a filter and slapping "liquid hydration formula" on the label of the bottles.
This isn't just bottled water. It's a *liquid hydration formula*!
by R2E February 28, 2008
1. Tap water made more palatable by a label with a mountain on it.
'yo sally you crazy gal, pass me the overpriced bottled water with the mountain on it over here'
by thesarcasmguy April 15, 2016
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