The act of having sexual intercourse with 3 or more men/women, at once or consecutively, of United Kingdom origin. Where in someone initiated a tea bag maneuver either successfully or unsuccessfully
"I totally pulled a Boston Tea Party after meeting these four British girls at the pub on my way home"
by call me a liar April 06, 2010
The act of preforming a teabag, with the scrotum fully in ones mouth. then urinating on the face of the teabagged
You got the Boston Tea Party last night!? How do you feel about yourself?
by September 10, 2008
The act of giving multiple tea bags to a drunk or unsuspectioning individual.
Last night Joey got drunk again. So for a joke me and 8 of my friends took turns in a massive boston tea party.
by July 10, 2008
A Boston Tea Party is the act of getting naked and sitting sideways on someones face in an attempt to give them pink eye, while simultaneously tea bagging their ear.
Ted: Why is your eye pink?

Bob: I was the honoree at a Boston Tea Party last night.
by DrDemonic February 12, 2011
When a man teabags a girl (or guy) who wants to be teabagged.
Dave: So what did you do with that guy you met last night?
Brett: Oh we went back to my place and had ourselves a Boston Tea Party.
Dave: Really? I've never met anyone who actually wanted to be teabagged.
by brettagay February 28, 2009
While wearing a white wig, the male tactically pours hot tea into the vagina and proceeds to shove the tea cup into the anus. He then beats her with his peg leg in the anus then shoves his penis in her. He then slaps her in the back with his bloody penis giving her a red coat and blows his load in her hair to give her an old fashion white wig. He then calls her Colonel Corn Wallis and they stand up and sing Yankee Doodle Dandee.
In an act of both treason and adultery, Martha Washington and Colonel Corn Wallis performed the Boston Tea Party igniting the Revolutionary War.
by Bruce Moon January 07, 2010
when a young female is laying on a surface, preferrably a bed, opens her mouth and the male proceeds to urinate in her mouth. then, the male sticks his ballsack in her mouth and dips them in the urine. Finally, he uses his testicles as a paint brush and paints the womans face like that of the traditional Native American. Thus, we have the Boston Tea Party.
"Stacy is crazy. Last night she let me give her a Boston Tea Party."
by Matty Scals October 20, 2007
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